Defending corners: The essentials

Fuse the disciplines of zonal marking and man marking to make your defence corner-proof, says former England gaffer Graham Taylor
In the absence of a Barcelona style passing game, making the most of a dead ball situation can be a useful weapon to have in the armoury.

But how do you stop a team exposing a lack of height in your ranks at a corner? What can you do to stop a deadly delivery? Do you go with zonal marking or go man-for-man?

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Former England boss Graham Taylor believes there's one essential factor to consider.

"More and more in modern day football I see no full-backs on the post. Now I can understand why people do that, but I don’t agree with it," he told FourFourTwo Performance.

"The whole object is to stop the ball being put into the goal. For me, the smaller you can make that goal, the better."

Barricade your goal and catch the opposition on the counter, with more from the former Aston Villa and Watford boss.

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