Hughton: Stopping a jet-heeled striker

Chris Hughton reveals his tips for coping with a front-man with pace to burn

There can be many strings to a striker's bow, but the one that has defenders reaching for their comfort blankets is raw, unadulterated pace.

Indulging them in a straight foot-race is bordering on the suicidal, so how else can you combat these speed demons? Fear not - Chris Hughton's got a few ideas.

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"I think what you find with most is that, initially, they'll want to start aggressive as a back-four, but on any thoughts that there might be a bit of space, they'll play that little bit deeper," Hughton told FourFourTwo Performance.

"That will deny the striker any space to run into."

In this video, the Norwich City boss talks about the best way to put the brakes on speedsters, without having to hack them into submission.

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