Al-Qaasimy: Keeping fit without hitting the gym

What does one have to do get that perfect six-pack and still be an effective full-back on the pitch? Not going to the gym, according to Al-Qaasimy Rahman... 

Geylang International full-back Al-Qaasimy Rahman has a body that is the envy of many and it is one that does not require heavy maintenance at the gym — according to the defender that is.

So what does the 24-year-old do besides attending training sessions to ensure he maintains his six pack? Al-Qaasimy shared with FourFourTwo his secrets.

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FFT: So what do you do to keep fit, besides attending training sessions and playing football matches?

Al-Qaasimy: “Well when I wake up before going to school, or going out. I'll do three sets of push ups, biceps curls, dips, crunches.

“I have no fixed or particular repetitions. I will just do my maximum till I feel the extreme burn.  Those are my three exercises when I wake up.

“Then before I go to sleep, I repeat the same routine.”

FFT: So you do not use the gym much?

Al-Qaasimy: “I do use the gym once a week, but that's because it’s with the team and part of the weekly training plan.

FFT: Is there any reason why you do not visit the gym to maintain your physique?

Al-Qaasimy: “I don't want to get used to the gym cause I might depend on the weights. And let's say one day I'm just too lazy to gym.. I might get depressed seeing how much of the gains I've worked hard for disappear.

"That said, there's nothing too scientific about it but it's common sense - the heavier you are, the more weight you are running with, and when you have more weight, more effort is needed to run.

“That's when your body strength or power comes to play and whether it's sufficient enough or not to carry the weight of your body.

“After bulking up, you might slow down at turns, or sudden bursts during the game.

FFT: When did you realise this?

Al-Qaasimy: “Back in 2011, I decided to bulk up. I hit the gym everyday and ate more than I could. I bulked up, grew bigger and thicker but it affected my performance.

“During the 2011 SEA Games in Indonesia, I struggled to catch up with opponents who were quick and I was always a second slower when turning or changing directions.

“That’s when I decided to take it easy in the gym and change my plans of getting bigger to getting leaner.”

Al-Qaasimy in the S.League defending Jermaine Pennant. Photo: Weixiang Lim / FFT

FFT: So you shouldn’t hit the gym too much if you want to be a quicker footballer?

Al-Qaasimy: “No, you can but it comes with an equal amount of training. You need a balance of both by gymming and working on your agility and runs during training. You need to get used to the change of body weight.

“At the end of the day, you don't want to have a good, solid material, masculine looking car with an engine that doesn't have the capacity or horsepower to move the car around and not do justice to its build and looks.

“You need to have the balanced weight and power ratio for a car, for it to perform at its optimal, or max out its potential.”

FFT: What about your diet then?

Al-Qaasimy: “As for diet, in all honesty, I have none. I mainly eat whatever I see because I know I will burn them out with my everyday training.

“But of course I'll be careful of my oily food and sugary intake as I get older!”

Main Photo: Nigel Chin / FFT

Al-Qaasimy Rahman was also a participant in FourFourTwo's Perfect Hat-trick Challenge. Check out our Facebook page to see how the defender fared!

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