Amirul Adli: My pre-match playlist

Young Lions star Amirul Adli reveals the tracks that get him fired up ahead of matches and what to listen to after the battle is over...

At the age of just 19, he's already a full international and been tipped as a future Singapore captain. But how does Amirul Adli get himself motivated ahead of games? The power of music of course...

"I usually listen to Martin Garrix nowadays, because the beats are nice and make me more lively ahead of kick-off. Before every game, I'll either listen to Helicopter or one of his other mixes," he tells FFT.

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"We don't play any music in the dressing room at the moment for some reason. We used to, but we've stopped. (Young Lions teammate) Pravin Guanasegaran would bring his speakers and his playlist. Not everyone would get it, nor even know what he was playing, but it was funny. It was always something unique, but he's gone back to Australia now.

"After the game I'll try some low-tempo music such as Ed Sheeran or some relaxing Malay songs. Taufik Batisah's #AwakKatMane is a favourite, as is anything from Sleeq. It helps to cool me down, because after the game I'm still full of adrenaline."

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