Ancelotti: Create team spirit

What's the best way to generate team spirit? Create a shared vision, says Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti
In the aftermath of a great victory managers and players often eulogise about one common denominator - team spirit.

A never-say-die attitude, bound together by unity and confidence, has seen the most limited of teams overcome the odds to defeat superior opponents.

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Real Madrid manager, Carlo Ancelotti, who led Chelsea to the double in his first season and lifted the Ligue 1 crown with Paris St Germain, believes team spirit is forged through a collective belief in the team's objectives.

"I believe that the most important thing to do when shaping a group is to share the objectives because if my objective and those of the club and the players are the same it makes it much easier to bring on our work, our commitment and our concentration," says the former AC Milan gaffer.

Press play and let the two time Champions League winner expand…

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