Block out the sun

Keepers: don’t let blinding glare stop you making vital saves. Here’s how to put in a glowing performance in goal

Slap on the suncream

You don’t have to whack on the war paint like an Aussie cricketer, but a drop of lotion protecting your chops can help you focus on protecting your goal. “You don’t want the heat to be a great factor. I’ll wear sun cream so I can just focus on playing football,” Manchester City and England keeper Joe Hart tells FFT.

Bring out the vaseline

You need to be able to see the next thunderbastard flying straight towards your knackers. “I sometimes put Vaseline on my eyebrows, just like Neville Southall used to,” explains Hart. “You’ve got to catch the sweat, otherwise you can’t see a thing.”

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Hats off

Try to compete with Tony Pulis’ cranium for best-dressed head and you’ll end up with a ball in the face. “I don’t wear a hat in the sun,” says Celtic and England keeper Fraser Forster. “They can be a hindrance if they don’t stay on properly or are uncomfortable.” Save that rascal lid for after the game.

Hart wears Umbro Speciali 4 Pro boots and Neo Pro gloves, available from

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