Boost your shooting power

Lack of power, be damned. Strength and conditioning coach Nick Grantham devises a gym routine to transform your harmless daisycutter into a thundering howitzer

Front squat

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Hold an Olympic bar (20kgs) with a closed grip, slightly wider than shoulder-width. Rack the bar across your shoulders. With feet shoulder-width apart in a 10-to-2 position, lower your body until the tops of your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keep your back straight, elbows high and chest up and out throughout. Repeat 5-8 times.



Box jump

Stand in front of a raised aerobic step (30-40 cms high), place your feet shoulder-width apart at a 10-to-2 position, and lower your body into a quarter squat position. Reverse the movement and jump up and onto the step and catch the landing in a quarter squat position. Repeat action five times.



Single leg Romanian deadlift

With your grip and feet shoulder-width apart, bend forward at your waist, stand on one leg and raise your other leg behind your body and lower the bar to your mid-shin. Your standing leg should be slightly flexed; your non-standing leg, parallel to the floor. Perform 5-8 reps on each leg.



Push press

Position a bar across your shoulders and drop into a quarter squat. Stop and reverse the motion and press the bar overhead in front of your face. Extend your arms and lock your elbows. Do 3-5 reps and you’ll improve co-ordination between your upper and lower body and therefore your technique – the key to shot power.



Nick Grantham is director of strength and conditioning for Smart Fitness.

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