Bounce back from being dropped

Suffering from a loss of confidence after losing the number one jersey? Don't worry, WBA's Ben Foster will help you claim back your spot
I've lost my place in the team to the reserve goalkeeper. I want to be ready to take my chance when it comes. What should I do to stay focused?
Chris Neal, via email

Ben Foster says:

"When you’re out of the team it’s not very good for your self esteem and your confidence can take a dip.

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Whenever I felt like this I thought back to times when I’ve made a good save or had a great match. This helped me to forget the negative feelings.

You have to visualise your success and believe in your ability. Focusing on your strengths will give you a good buzz.

I also like to listen to music that gets me pumped up. You want to keep on top of your game and feeling good so that when you get your chance, you take it."

Ben Foster is a consultant for GK:Icon for more information visit

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