Dealing with a congested fixture list

Make sure your body can cope with a fixture pile-up thanks to these recovery tips from Dawn Scott, fitness coach for the US women’s national team
During the winter months football pitches across Britain taking a battering. Rain, sleet and snow wage a war against the grassroots game.

Our beloved lumpy, potholed covered fields get turned into waterlogged quagmires.

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As much as the players would love to slide around in the rain sodden muck, the surfaces are unplayable and games get called off.

There is little or no action in some leagues from December through to February and fixtures start to stack up.

It’s hard enough recovering from one 90 minutes a week, let alone two. And what about those savage double headers? How are your legs going to cope? With an effective recovery strategy that’s how.

And what is that we hear you say? Hit play and let Dawn Scott, fitness coach for the US women’s national team, fill you in.

Dawn Scott was speaking at the Science + Football Conference. This year's conference is on Wednesday, April 30 at the London Soccer Dome. For more information visit

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