Hassan Sunny: How to deal with crosses

Ever wondered how goalkeepers deal with those ever-present crosses that so commonly lead to scoring opportunities?

It’s an all-too familiar sight in football the world over – the opposition gets the ball free on the wings, a good cross is whipped in and it leads directly to a goal.

So what can the goalkeeper do to try to mitigate against the danger posed by these crosses, either from set pieces or open play?

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We asked Singapore and Army United goalkeeper Hassan Sunny to talk us through the ways he deals with crosses and developed the skills that led to him becoming a two-time winner of the ASEAN Football Championship.

“You must be in a good position and at an angle,” Hassan explains. “If the cross is too high, that’s my job to collect the ball at its highest point.

“Once I make my decision, I need to be committed one hundred per cent.

“So if I decide to punch the ball, I need to punch the ball. If I decide to catch, I need to make a clean catch.”

Hear about these techniques and many more in this exclusive training video, shot at Jalan Besar Stadium.

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