Hassan Sunny’s guide to distribution

Develop the skills needed to accurately distribute the ball to your teammates using these tips from award-winning Singapore goalkeeper, Hassan Sunny.

Goalkeeping distribution. It’s a critical part of any football match.

Possessing a keeper with the right temperament, combined with the judgement and skills to know when to kick the ball long or attempt a short throw to a teammate, is vital as teams prepare their attacking raids.

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Singapore goalkeeper Hassan Sunny, the 2014 S.League player of the year, has just put the finishing touches on an excellent debut season with Thai Premier League club Army United.

So what are some of his tricks and tips for correct distribution?

“Right before a back pass, you really need to decide where to put the ball,” Hassan explains. “If it’s a distance close to you, you can use the throw. It’s difficult to kick the ball such a short distance.

“You only use that for long distance, anything above the halfway line. Throwing definitely has more accuracy than kicking, so it’s very important as well.”

These are skills that take time to master. To learn the mechanics behind these techniques, check out this exclusive training video shot at Jalan Besar Stadium.

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