How to win those crunch games: Part Four

Whether it’s a title decider, cup final or relegation six-pointer, you won’t be at a loss with FFT’s five-step guide to sleeping, eating and mentally preparing
Sleep your way to success with Chelsea and England rugby team sleep specialist Jonathan Bloomfield.

“A regular bedtime is crucial. Start the process of ‘getting ready for bed’ by relaxing in another room. This will prepare the mind and body for sleep.

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You will get to sleep quicker if your body receives the message ‘It’s time to shut down for the night’.

It helps if you don’t have too many distractions in your bedroom. Avoid watching TV and using a laptop before you turn in because they will stimulate your mind and produce artificial light for the eyes.

Stimulants like sugar, fizzy drinks, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine should be off-limits too. These interrupt our body clock and have a knock-on effect for days, affecting how well we nod off and how well our body regenerates damaged tissues.

Finally, if you’re worried about that big game, talking about any anxieties you have will reduce your stress levels.

So if you’re worried about getting skinned by their winger, share it with anyone who’ll listen.”

Jonathan Bloomfield provides a sleep profiling and monitoring service. For more information visit

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