Izwan Mahbud: How to be an unbeatable shot-stopper

Frustrate strikers and command your six-yard box with these tips from Singapore’s record-breaking goalkeeper, Izwan Mahbud 

Japan could not understand how they did not find the net that fateful night in June. The scoreline made headlines around Asia, as football fans marvelled at how one man alone kept the blue Japanese tide at bay in Saitama.

Izwan Mahbud was all that stood between the Samurai Blue and a win on home soil, but it seemed that no matter what Keisuke Honda, Shinji Kagawa or Yoshinori Muto threw at them, Singapore's No.1 had an answer.

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After the final whistle had gone, one statistic in particular stood out – Izwan's incredible 18 saves in an international match, many from world-class Japanese forwards.

So we've established that if there's anyone that knows about stopping shots, it's Izwan Mahbud. But where do we begin with his shotstopping master-class?

"I'll be on my toes at the six yard box to begin with, hands down at my side," he tells FFT.

"As soon as the striker lifts a leg, I'll already be taking a step back and getting ready for the shot."

Sounds like he knows what he's doing. To hear the rest of Izwan's shot-stopping tips, check out this exclusive training video at Jalan Besar Stadium.

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