Jamie Carragher: Miracle of Istanbul

One of the stars of Liverpool’s ‘Miracle of Istanbul’ in the 2005 Champions League explains how to bounce back when your team’s getting stuffed 3-0

It hurts, but snap out of it – quickly!

“We were in a daze at half-time but you have to forget about it and move on.”

Listen to your manager

“There is work to be done: tactics must be moulded and changed.”

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Have some pride

“I didn’t want to lose a European final 5-0, that’s for sure. Go out and play hard."

Gee up your team-mates

“However much you’re hurting, keep spirits up and make sure everyone believes.”

Having scored one, don’t get carried away

“You’ve got one goal back, but you have to tell yourself and your team-mates not to go gung-ho. There’s still a way to go. Keep your shape and go again.”

Taste the opponents’ fear

“We could see the Milan players were shell-shocked and we took heart from that.”

At 3-3, stay calm

“It is vital that you regain your composure. Milan were the best team in Europe but we did it."

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