Jonas Gutierrez: Off-season regimen

Get the most out of your downtime before prepping for pre-season, with advice from Newcastle United's Argentine midfielder

“Away from my training, what would you advise for my off-season rest programme?”
Georg Rossecker, via facebook

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Jonas Gutierrez says:

“Once the season ends I’m thinking about relaxing and it becomes a time for recovery and reflection.

I go to Argentina to visit my family and friends, and I also take a few days to fly off somewhere and get away for a bit. It’s a chance for me to do and eat things that I wouldn’t during the season – a lot more fried food, crisps and sweets.

I’m a big fan of dulce de leche – it’s like Nutella and is unbelievable stuff. We are allowed a bit of this but not too much, of course!

While I’m in Argentina I still do some light training to stay fit. The first week or two of the off-season is my time to relax, but after that I begin some pretty hard training.

From there, it’s a lot of intensive work to make sure I’m ready to arrive at pre-season in good shape.

I have a fitness coach during the holidays and sometimes we train on the beach. He works to get me ready for the demands of football.”

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