Jordi Alba: Forge a match-winning bond

Humility and hard work can propel your team to success, says Barcelona and Spain's gung-ho full-back, Jordi Alba

We’ve got a fair few egos in our team. What can we do to improve our mentality?
Charles Schutze, via Facebook

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Jordi Alba says:

“Everybody at Barcelona is very humble and hard-working. Nobody is more important than anyone else, from the players to the coaching staff, physios, doctors and admin staff.

We’re all very close and that develops a bond. It’s a big club, but we’re just normal people.
This attitiude is one of the biggest virtues in the Barça dressing room.

It begins at age seven in La Masia and continues up to the first-team. I’ve learned a lot from the club from a football perspective, but they also teach you respect.

We work together as a unit during training. From time to time we go out for meals as a squad to help form a bond between everyone. It’s difficult when you play twice a week, but you have to make time.

If someone in the Barça squad had too much of an ego, it’d be bad for the team and I’m sure the squad would talk to this player.”

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