Kieran Gibbs: Handling different forwards

From a speed demon to a maestro of movement, Arsenal and England full-back Kieran Gibbs tells you how to equip yourself against different forwards

A speed demon

Try not to give them too much space and if you can, don't let them turn. If your team is on the back foot and the opposition are overloading down your side you can’t commit yourself, because you’re going to get exposed. You have to wait for your team to apply pressure on the ball, then you know you can risk pushing on.

A touchline hugger

Try not to let them get a cross in. Don’t let him drag you out there because it will leave a big space between you and your centre half. Give them a bit of space, but when they get the ball close them down as quickly as possible. If they're playing on the right and are left footed, try not to let them inside. Try to keep them going down the line away from the goal.

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A floating striker

If their striker keeps finding space in between you and your centre back, you have to worry more about them than the winger out wide on the touchline. The danger is in the middle, where the goal is. You have to have a good relationship with your centre half. It all comes from them really, because they probably have a better picture of the play, so they should be able to tell you where to position yourself.

This year marks the 125th anniversary of Arsenal FC. In celebration of the club's continued legacy, Nike Sportswear commissioned a short film, entitled Forever Forward. Kieran Gibbs featured in Arsenal’s 125th anniversary celebrations at the Saatchi Gallery.

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