Live like a pro: Instagram workouts and nutrition

We spoke to Under Armour strength and conditioning coach, Mike Watts, to get the lowdown on the Instagram fitness posts of professional footballers

Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano)

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“Battleropes are a great training tool if you have a lower body injury,” says Under Armour strength and conditioning coach Mike Watts. “Use them as part of an upper body circuit to get your heart rate up.”

Theo Walcott (@theowalcott)

“A suspended TRX lunge mimics the type of movement you do on the pitch. The cables provide resistance to build hamstring strength which will improve your speed and help you avoid injury.”

Wilfred Bony (@w.bony)

“Single leg hops over hurdles can be used as an endurance exercise, while also helping to improve your balance. Try doing 20 continuously on one leg and repeat on the other.” 

Steven Gerrard (@stevengerrard)

“Cold water immersion eases muscle soreness after games, but don’t use it after a weights session as it halts adaptation, meaning you won't feel the full benefit of your workout.”

Thomas Muller (@esmuellert)

“A rotational lunge stretch is a stability exercise. Football is a 360-degree game so this will help your balance when twisting - try this one before your next training session."

Luke Shaw (@lukeshaw23)

“I advise players to eat one portion of fruit and at least two portions of vegetables – ideally organic - with each meal as your immune system is more vulnerable when training regularly.”

Lionel Messi (@leomessi)

“80% of your diet should be made of good nutrition, but allow 20% for treats like this chocolate spread sandwich. Just don't be having a jar before your next game!”

Andrea Pirlo (@andreapirlo21)

“I live by the phrase, 'if you can grow it or kill it then eat it.' Unfortunately processed burgers don’t fall into that category so avoid them if you can.”

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