Luis Enrique: Be your team’s ironman

Get fitter than ever during the off-season with a swim, ride and run, says Barcelona’s new boss

“I want to keep fit over the summer break, but don’t know what sport to take up. Any suggestions?”
Nicholas Furquim, via Twitter

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Luis Enrique says:

“When I left football I wanted to take up running, but after 45 minutes my feet would swell up because I was used to football.

In football it’s 50 metres, then stop, 10 metres, then stop. I was used to that. I could run for a long time, but in a football way. Marathons were at the same pace all the time. That was hard to adapt to, but I did after a lot of training and then I started doing triathlons.

Cycling and swimming are totally different from running. The training is far more pleasant.
When I’m training, for three days I run in the morning and swim in the afternoon. Then I go on the bicycle every three or four days.

You need hours and hours of training, which is difficult when you have other things to do.
So set yourself a challenge. You can run a marathon, but you don’t have to do it in three hours. If four hours is realistic then aim for four.

Right now I’m not doing much: 10-12 hours cycling a week, two days of running, surfing and gym.

Triathlon is a big challenge, but you can cope if you give it time. You just have to be realistic. You can’t go from doing nothing to suddenly doing a triathlon.”

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