Maintain motivation

Follow these tips from Jonny Wilkinson’s mentor to ensure you never quit

No matter how much you love playing football there are days when you just want to slob out in front of the TV and play Championship Manager. But when you start dodging training to watch the Hollyoaks omnibus you know there's something wrong. 


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Have you become addicted to the loves, lives and misdemeanours of a group of people living in a Chester village? Or are you just plain idle? Or, heaven forbid, have you fallen out of love with football?


If you find yourself in this predicament you need to watch this video and let performance expert Steve Black help you get to the bottom of your slump.


"If your motivation drops as an amateur player there’s a reason: maybe you’re too tired?" he says. "As a coach you’ve got to talk to the player about balance. Football is one part of their life, but there are others - family, friends, work, school, socialising.


"What I would suggest is that if you’re losing motivation anywhere in life, it’s quite possibly because you’re diverting focus elsewhere – that’s totally understandable, but be of aware why you’re doing what you’re doing. Is it because you’re doing too much training? Is it because you have other things on? It’s all about priorities." 


Hit play and get yourself back on the path to Sunday League superstardom.

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