Marta: Thrive under pressure

Shoulder expectation and deliver when it matters most thanks to advice from the five-time FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year

“I’m the top goalscorer for my team and there’s a lot of pressure for me to perform week in, week out. I’m struggling to cope with the expectation. How do you deal with it?”
Marik Michalsky, via Twitter

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Marta says:

“I don’t think about it at all. That is my way of handling it. I just focus on doing my best.

Every player is important. I’m no different. I work hard every day to improve and help my team-mates.

Obviously, when you do well you receive more attention than others, but football is a team sport.

It doesn’t matter if I’m more talented than my team-mates; I need them to help me do my part properly. I try to make everyone feel important.

I talk to my team-mates individually, especially those I link-up with during a game. As one of the more experienced players, I have to take responsibility both on and off the pitch. 

When I’m on form in a game or I have room to play, I demand the ball. When it’s not going well, I keep working hard for the team.

I also chat to players who are feeling down and give the young players my attention. I want to make sure they feel comfortable within the group.”

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