Phil Neville: Post match warm down

Warm down after training or a game with this routine from Manchester United's first team coach, Phil Neville

Post-match stretching works - Arsenal's famous back four would testify to that. The aging legs of Tony Adams and co were given a new lease of life when Arsene Wenger told the players their homoerotic team baths would have to play second fiddle to their cool down.

A post match warm down aids recovery and injury prevention. It also helps to lower heart rate, transport blood and oxygen to muscles, removes waste products such as lactic acid and helps relieve soreness.

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At the age of 34 Everton captain Phil Neville is considered a Premier League veteran, but he's still tearing round the pitch and competing with the vitality and hunger of a spritely teenager.

His post match warm down has helped him maintain his elite level physical condition. Watch this video and take Neville's routine to the Sunday League battlefields....

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