Pitching in to help

What’s Your Pitch? is helping small football clubs with their day-to-day running, from earning a sponsorship deal to getting in the newspapers

Running a club can be hard work and The FA know it’s not always easy to get everything done off the pitch. If you’re keen to get your side seen and heard amongst the community, and try to attract new sponsors but you’re not quite sure how to do it, What’s Your Pitch? can help you to get noticed.

It’s got all the tools you need to get started and The FA have created handy templates, fact sheets and downloads to make it that little bit easier for the volunteers who run the thousands of clubs playing football up and down the country. From sponsorship to social networks, fundraisers to football reports, we’ve got it covered.

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Whether you’re just kicking off your club’s marketing or you’ve already got going, head over to TheFA.com/YourGame where we’ll give you a helping hand to get your club the boost it needs.

What’s Your Pitch? has split all of the facts you need to succeed into four simple sections.

Going for Promotion 

This looks at the different routes that you can take to win your side some great exposure and the best ways for you to connect with your community. 


Scoring yourself a sponsor and finding funds is an essential part of keeping your club running smoothly and we have all the information you need.

Club Crest

We’ll show you how to celebrate your club’s ethos and values through your crest and all of your communications. 

The Back Pages

This final section of the site can help your club to hit the news stands and gain your side some winning exposure, with plenty of advice on how to spread your stories to all the right people.

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