Play with the speed of Bale and the power of Ox

Want to develop the incredible athleticism of this pair? Of course you do. Having analysed their games, FFT devises a drill so you too can create carnage on the pitch


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Set out the cones in a triangle, 15 yards apart, with a triangle of poles five to six yards wider than the cones. Place a rope ladder, hurdles or more cones at each cone. Three players start at each cone with one ball for the drill. The first player at Cone 1 passes the ball to Cone 2, then performs quick feet through the rope ladder, cones or over the hurdles, before sprinting to the pole and joining the queue at the next cone. The player at Cone 2 does the same and so on.

How it helps Replicates a game by mixing sprints with periods of recovery.


Reps: 10-12

Sets: 2-3 (rest 1-3 mins between sets)




Set the cones out in a square, 15 yards apart, with three players at each cone. Place mannequins (or poles) about three yards diagonally in front of each cone, inside the square. The first player passes the ball along the outside of the square, then sprints to the opposite corner. He can sell the mannequin a dummy on the way past or touch it and retreat two yards, before planting the foot and setting off on the sprint. The player who receives the pass takes a touch then passes the ball on and does the same.

How it helps Builds quickness, as well as concentration while fatigue kicks in.


Reps: 10-12

Sets: 2-3 (rest 1-3 mins between sets)




Lie down holding a kettlebell overhead with your right arm. Bend your right knee and extend your left arm to the side. Slowly sit up by shifting your weight onto your left hand and threading your left foot under your body. Continue to raise up until you’re almost in a split squat position. Press your right heel in to rise. Reverse movement to return to start position.

How it helps Develops mobility and stability so you can leave defenders in a twist. Reinforces your core.


Reps: 3-5

Sets: 2-5 (rest of 30 secs between sets)




Assume a press-up position on a Swiss ball. Now bend your right knee, creating a 90-degree angle. Bring your knee towards the ball, keeping your spine neutral. Return your leg to start position and repeat with your left leg. Once you have mastered this, speed up in reps of 3-5. After the third or fifth rep, hold the body in static position for a few seconds. Repeat.

How it helps The Swiss ball forces you to engage your core muscles to stabilise your body, honing balance and power.


Reps: 20-30

Sets: 2-3 (rest for 1 min between sets)




Stand with feet just wider than shoulder width, back straight, kettlebell in two hands around groin height. Sit into a partial squat, bending at the hip, as you drive the kettlebell between your legs. Once it moves past your legs, snap your hips up and forward. Don’t come up onto your toes; keep your arms straight, shoulders locked, glutes tensed. Allow the kettlebell to come to shoulder height, then push it back through legs.

How it helps Develops whole-body power by involving the core, glutes, quads, hamstrings, back and shoulders.


Reps: 10-20

Sets: 2-20 (rest 1-3 mins between sets)


This workout was created by Karl Halabi, former fitness coach for Chelsea, Fulham, Republic of Ireland, Reading and Watford


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