Post-season pampering

At the end of a long and difficult season, kick back, relax and let FFT cleanse your mind, body and soul

Give yourself a little homemade ‘man-pering’

Rachel Halling of Champneys, The Original Health Spa, says: “Your skin will need some attention, and homemade products can be hydrating, moisturising, and balance the skin’s pH.”

Bathe the pain away

“Using table salt as a bath scrub once a month is great for removing dead skin cells,” says Halling. “But make sure you rinse off in the shower. Add tea tree oil or lavender to your bath to heal blisters and grass burns.”

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Assess your season now!

“Do it immediately, while it’s still fresh in your mind,” says Bradley Busch of mental skills training company InnerDrive. “We recommend a four-point evaluation: Did I achieve my personal goals? What went well? What do I need to improve? What do I need to do in the coming weeks and months?”

Catch the right kind of zzzzzzzzzs

“Close-season is an opportunity to take a new, smart approach to sleep,” says Nick Littlehales, founder of “Instead of thinking about how many hours you need, think in 90-minute cycles. Consider what time you get up, then work backwards in 90-minute increments to work out when you should go to sleep. And if you normally play a match 1-3pm, this is one of the body’s natural sleep periods so, in the off-season, replace the game with a nap to recharge those batteries.”

"Now, if you’ll just lay down on the table, sir…"

To ensure you’re raring to go for pre-season, you need a sports massage. Claire Henman, sports therapist at Perform at St George’s Park, explains some of the benefits: “It helps maintain muscle condition, prevents injuries, increases flexibility and speeds up post-injury recovery.”

Fix those football-fatigued feet

“This is the time to see a podiatrist for any nail conditions, calluses or corns caused by football boots,” says Dr Lindsay Hill of Axis Podiatry (whose clients include Liverpool and the England women’s team). “A pair of running shoes is the best way of helping injuries settle.”

Mixed berry detox smoothie

“Mix a handful of berries – frozen is fine – with milk or yoghurt,” says Dr Emma Stevenson of Northumbria University’s Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Centre. “All berries are good for detoxing, but blueberries and tart cherries are particularly high in anti-oxidants.”

Take a shot at this facial

1 Clean your face with a basic scrub
2 Mix equal quantities of honey and oatmeal
3 Apply using small circular movements over the chin, nose and forehead
4 Be gentle on the cheeks, as they are more sensitive
5 Rinse with tepid water

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