Raheem Sterling's gym regime

Workout tips from the Manchester City and England schemer to ensure you don’t get knocked off the ball

“Our head of fitness and conditioning, Ryland Morgans, has made a significant difference to the overall physical side of my game.

At first everyone thought he was a bit strict, but you see the results being produced and think: ‘He’s great at what he does because he gets the best out of you’.

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I try to go in the gym – on top of training – three or four times a week. I might do two leg sessions and a few upper body sessions. The aim is to get stronger so that when I come up against difficult opponents I’ve got enough power in my legs to burst past them.

We don’t focus on lifting heavy weights – that doesn’t work for football – but stuff that makes us more athletic, explosive and dynamic.

Having a strong core is also important. That helps you to hold off defenders when they clatter into you.”

Sterling wears the Mercurial Superfly and Nike Football’s elite training apparel, available now on Nike.com

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