Reo-Coker: Speed, strength & stamina

Take your speed, strength and stamina to the next level with these exercises from Nigel Reo-Coker


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So you can explode into action


There are lots of things that athletes can do to enhance their explosive reactions. And if you look at players like Steve Gerrard and hopefully myself, we rely on that explosiveness to take us away from our opponent. Use small hurdles, not too far apart, and from a standing start leap over them, knees together, increasing the height each time.”




Explosive jumping

Bounce your way to a big bang


“These are similar to the hurdles and again concentrate on building up your ability to explode into action. From a standing start bend down on your haunches and jump up as high as possible, repeating the action and looking to increase your height each time.”




Short sprints

Recreate a match situation


“‘Doggies’ or ‘burpies’ [short sprints] are a bit old-fashioned so, instead, put your cones two metres apart in a diamond formation. Sprint from cone to cone, making sure you burst into action. Unlike doggies you’re change direction so simulating a match situation.”




Cone to cone

More plymetrics for the match...


“Space the cones evenly apart. From a standing start leap from cone to cone. Change direction, maintain momentum and make each leap higher and more powerful than the last. This also aids your speed: come match day you’ll appreciate that extra dimension to your game. It’s vital for modern players to  be athletes. Few can be carried by their team-mates. Everyone must be competitive and have very high levels of fitness. Keep at it.”


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