Stay supple this summer

Keep your muscles limber with these simple stretches from Man City conditioning coach Simon Bitcon


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TECHNIQUE: Get down on one knee, positioning both knees at a 90 degree angle. Keep your torso upright and gently lean forward to feel the stretch in the hip flexor in your back leg. Returning to pre-season with stiff hips will increase your risk of injury because your body will compensate by using other muscles.


Reps: 6 Sets: 3



TECHNIQUE: Lie on your back keeping your lower back flat. Pull one knee to your chest, keeping your other leg straight and your shoulders on the floor. Performing this stretch will maintain mobility in your hips and help protect against injury.


Reps: 6 Sets: 3



TECHNIQUE: Lean up against a wall in a split stance position with your front foot 3-6 inches from the wall. Press your front knee against the wall, while keeping both heels on the ground. Keeping your ankles loose will stop your body from putting greater strain on your knees when you dive back into pre-season training.


Reps: 6  Sets: 3


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