Throw a post-season party

Whether you’re lifting a trophy aloft or drowning your sorrows, sign off for the summer with a cork-popping shindig


Savour the moment
Crack open the beers, get the music pumping in the changing room – but remember to appreciate that rare ‘winner’s high’, says Paul McVeigh, the former Norwich forward who now runs performance company ThinkPRO. “Bottle that feeling,” he says. “You can use it for fuel next season.”

Get organised
There is nothing worse than a badly-arranged shindig with your group roaming the streets like The Walking Dead – so plan in advance. “Be honest with a venue,” says founder Nick Telson. “Many are fine with big groups – if they know in advance. Booking food upfront also helps.”

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Go for it!
Hit a few bars before going on to a club and a VIP table. “You’ll find out about your team-mates away from the pitch, which can help you bond,” says McVeigh. Telson advises a Bavarian Beerhouse – “but don’t turn up too drunk. Even if you’ve booked, the doorman always has final say on who gets in.”


Stay positive in the dressing room
When your heart has been broken, try to see the light amid the misery. “After losing a Championship play-off final I was gutted,” says McVeigh. “But I used the atmosphere as a positive. I wanted to savour more big occasions. As a team, reflect on how far you’ve come.”

Dish out awards
A big night out can retain team cohesion, insists psychologist Dan Abrahams. “Giving out awards can help decrease that empty-handed feeling,” he says. “It’ll take your mind off things, and help you focus on the future.” Heighten the mood further with some individual player chants in the pub.

Throw in some fun and games
Lift the gloom at a venue with activities. “Places like Cafe Kick in Shoreditch are great as you can get a table football tournament going,” says Telson. Or, if you don’t want to think about football: “Bounce bar in Holborn has ping pong or beer pong, which is great fun.”

3 Step Guide To Avoiding A Hangover

Big night out? Follow these survival tips as you go to help ease the morning after

1 Stay hydrated
Try lime and sodas in between the hard stuff

2 Avoid the doner meat
If you’re going to hit the kebab shop, go for a mixed grill with salad and skip the mayo

3 Load up on electrolytes
Before bed, chug down a glass of water with an electrolyte tablet in it, to help avoid dehydration and headaches

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