FA Cup Final
27 May 2017
The two London clubs that meet on Saturday have played in one FA Cup final before, 15 years ago this summer. Can you recall the teams that day?
Didier Drogba
27 May 2017
There have been 45 goals in the past 20 years of FA Cup finals. Can you remember the main men responsible for all of those strikes?
25 May 2017
The UEFA Cup was born in the early 1970s, then evolved into the Europa League in 2009 - yet only 27 clubs have lifted the big, chunky vase. Name them!
2007 Champions League final
24 May 2017
It's a decade since the Italian side got their revenge over the Reds to lift Ol' Big Ears for the second time in five seasons. But who was on the teamsheets that day?
18 May 2017
The Blues' fifth Premier League triumph means 60 different players have now won title medals with the club. How many can you name?
manchester united
17 May 2017
From back-flips to gyrating hips: can you name the 20 footballers lauding their own post-goal brilliance?
16 May 2017
Transfer fees spiral ever upwards – but can you name the 50 current bosses who’ve splashed the most cash during their careers?
Paul Pogba
13 May 2017
Transfer fees are analysed almost rampantly as football results – but who do the experts at Transfermarkt rank as the 50 most high-value footballers on the planet?
12 May 2017
35 different players have now managed the striking feat in a Premier League campaign. Can you recall them all?
11 May 2017
Just 41 footballers have reached double figures for assists since the first season of Champions League football in 1992/93. How many can you recall?


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