Republic of Ireland

Damien Duff
29 March 2017
Did Mourinho really hide in a laundry basket? Would Chelsea of 2017 beat Chelsea of 2005? And is he starting to turn into Kim Kardashian? Your questions answered...
Diego Costa
24 March 2017
Tim Ellis picks out a handful of stars who chose to represent a country they weren't born in
16 September 2016
Stop getting your knickers in a twist – you literally can't argue with mathematics. Here's how it works...
9 July 2016
The European Championships have provided some of the greatest goals. Which one is your favourite?
7 July 2016
Abhinav Kini lists the players whose stock has soared after their performance in France this summer
27 June 2016
Some of Euro 2016's heavyhitters are starting to flex their muscles, with France, Germany and Belgium all safely reaching the quarter-finals overnight. There are two more huge matches scheduled for tonight to complete the final eight and all the information you need is right here...
27 June 2016
Ireland took the lead but the French came roaring back in the second half, as Les Bleus' two key stars secured passage to the quarter-finals…
23 June 2016
The Republic of Ireland were five minutes from elimination, now they're two matches from the semi-finals. And they might just make it, says Gary Parkinson
22 June 2016
So it’s official: this summer’s edition in France is the lowest-scoring yet in comparison to the 16-team format. Alex Keble looks at what’s to blame, and what’s ahead
19 June 2016
Belgium sent an ominous warning with a superb victory over an outclassed Ireland, while there were stalemates in the other two matches overnight, punctuated by an inexplicable Cristiano Ronaldo miss...


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