Tanjong Pagar

19 June 2017
In the third of a four-part series, best-selling author and FourFourTwo columnist Neil Humphreys argues for the return of established powerhouses like Woodlands and Tanjong Pagar to give local football a fighting chance.
18 April 2017
As candidates on both sides resort to mudslinging, the sordid accusations show once again that the local game is more interested in its administrators than its footballers, argues Neil Humphreys.
28 March 2017
In the 1990s, the S.League came close to nurturing domestic tribalism between the uniformed clubs and the rest. But those halcyon days are a distant memory, writes Neil Humphreys
21 February 2017
Having been associated with Warriors FC for more than a decade, it pains Hafiz Osman to witness the club’s decline over the last two years. No wonder he’s determined to help them get back to the top again…  
25 January 2016
Following his move to Singapore back in 1999, Bosnian-born footballer Aleksandar Duric emerged as one of the most recognised figures in the country. He has written a book about his remarkable journey and spent some time with FourFourTwo to discuss a range of issues…
20 May 2015
You've read our list of the best foreigners to have graced our shores, but what about the duds? Gary Koh comes up with ten selections who were memorable for all the wrong reasons...
22 November 2014
In a dramatic reversal on Saturday, the S.League announced that it would not implement the drastic age restrictions originally set for the 2015 season. 
12 November 2014
With the S.League season done and dusted, FFT Singapore's team of Gary Koh, Kenneth Tan, Nigel Chin & Deepan Raj hand out grades to all twelve teams...
12 November 2014
He's a 14-year S.League veteran and Tanjong Pagar midfield linchpin. FourFourTwo's Weixiang Lim speaks to Sazali Salleh just days after the announcement that the Jaguars will be sitting out next season...
6 November 2014
With the S.League competition over for another year and Tanjong Pagar United on the way out, Neil Humphreys delivers some hard truths about Singapore premier football competition.


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