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FIFA 19 most overpowered players
10 October 2018
Everybody wants more for less – not least in Ultimate Team, where your money counts and marginal gains could be the difference between success and failure. Alex Keble provides a helping hand
29 December 2017
No club is perfect (quiet, Man City fans), so Alex Keble takes us through the weak spot of every Premier League side - and suggests the kind of player who'd help remedy the problem
Aaron Ramsey
5 December 2017
These top-flight players don’t hog the headlines – but they've been crucial for the clubs this season, as Alex Keble explains
24 November 2017
It can’t tell us everything, but the much-discussed analytical model is certainly interesting enough to draw some conclusions from
Mohamed Salah
3 November 2017
From an Egyptian magician to Arsenal’s fearsome aggressor, Alex Keble on the players proving themselves to be the 10 smartest transfers of the summer
1 April 2017
The two managers will lock horns when Arsenal face Manchester City this weekend, and Alex Keble believes the Catalan could show how far his opposite number has fallen
Simone Zaza, West Ham
20 January 2017
Alex Keble takes a look at the poorest pre-season purchases a few months down the line
Matt Phillips, West Brom
20 January 2017
It’s hard to know what represents good value these days, but this lot have done their sides proud since signing last summer
Dele Alli, Mauricio Pochettino
29 October 2016
Spurs' usual approach hasn't really borne fruit in recent weeks, and Alex Keble believes a 3-4-2-1 formation could act as a handy alternative for Mauricio Pochettino
15 October 2016
Alex Keble compares Manchester United's brutish Belgian with his Premier League contemporaries, and explains why each work so well for their respective sides