Faustino Asprilla Argentina 0-5 Colombia
6 September 2018
Los Cafeteros had already ended their rivals’ 33-match unbeaten streak just weeks before – but gave them a hiding like no other en route to USA ‘94. This stuff just didn’t happen to Argentina, writes Ruper Fryer
Jorge Campos USA '94
16 June 2018
The Mexico shot-stopper – renowned for his dazzling shirts and prowess as a striker – still can’t believe FIFA banned goalkeepers from playing outfield
Baggio Brazil USA 94
13 June 2018
It wasn't quite the kick that killed a career, but there was no coming back from shootout heartbreak for the Divine Ponytail – who still can't shake the feeling today
Graham Taylor, England manager
14 January 2017
When Taylor granted TV cameras full access to his England camp in 1993, little could he have predicted the furore that followed. FFT went behind the scenes of the film that hung the beleaguered boss out to dry with his ‘Taylorisms’ – and ruined the career of his right-hand man   
4 June 2016
FourFourTwo recalls the strikes that rocked planet football…
24 February 2016
More than two decades on, how the hosting of the world's most eyeballed sporting event helped an entire continent onto its feet... 
24 September 2015
Robert Lewandowski scored a stunning five goals in nine minutes after coming on as a half-time substitute for Bayern Munich against Wolfsburg on Tuesday night. FFT's Chris Flanagan looks at some of the other great goal sprees...
26 June 2014
Musos used to say the devil has the best tunes. But does the devil work for the BBC or ITV? FourFourTwo's James Maw compares the British television theme tunes to the last eight tournaments to determine which network is best (at coming up with theme tunes). Wistful sighs and shameful cringing aplenty...
6 June 2014
An alternative view of the 1994 World Cup from Paul Watson...
6 June 2014
A 5-0 thumping of Argentina in qualifying gave Colombia a reputation they just couldn'™t live up to, reveals Henry Mance...


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