10 April 2018
As the league gets more ambitious and big-money MLS owners buy in, the founding “independent” owners are getting pushed out. How do they feel about that? We spoke with them about the power shift in the board room.
ISI Photos-Tim Bouwer
28 January 2018
A weighted lottery will determine where players go next via dispersal draft.
ISI Photos-Mike Gridley
25 January 2018
U.S. women's soccer's longest-standing brand folded as the NWSL pushes toward a more ambitious future. But is that a fruitful one?
ISI Photos-Tim Bouwer
22 November 2017
The Breakers were nearly the team which Real Salt Lake replaced. Boston is in search of new ownership. Here's what could happen.
Jose Argueta-ISI Photos
16 August 2017
For some, the focus must shift from competing in 2017 to building or next season.
Press Association
8 August 2017
Sometimes, you have to dream a little. Budgets are tight in NWSL, but these players would be welcome additions.
ISI Photos-Stephen Brashear
3 August 2017
Goalkeeper diving headers, hat tricks and nine-goal thrillers. Are you not entertained?!
ISI Photos-Trask Smith
7 July 2017
Last season's NWSL awards were dominated by uncertainty. This year, the stars are out once again.
ISI Photos-Daniel Bartel
16 June 2017
Boston has cooled off after a hot start, but progress is being made after record-level futility in 2016.
ISI Photos-Robyn W. McNeil
1 June 2017
The next World Cup isn't that far away, and the hierarchy of players could soon change. We're making predictions.


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