10 April 2018
As the league gets more ambitious and big-money MLS owners buy in, the founding “independent” owners are getting pushed out. How do they feel about that? We spoke with them about the power shift in the board room.
ISI Photos-Craig Mitchelldyer
21 March 2018
The 2017 NWSL MVP says she still hasn't conquered this league, yet. As she and Chicago sought change, their objectives aligned.
1 December 2017
Ertz might be the best do-everything USWNT player. Make sure you mark her on corner kicks. (Missed our No. 4 player? Click here to go back.)
1 December 2017
As usual, Christen Press is exceptional. As usual, the question is: What's her best position? (Missed our No. 8 player? Click here to go back.)
ISI Photos-Andy Mead
9 October 2017
There's plenty of blame to go around, but how can Chicago fix this continued issue?
4 October 2017
Big names in the running this year...
ISI Photos-Andy Mead
4 October 2017
The North Carolina Courage lost all three meetings with Chicago thus far. The fourth time still might not be the charm in the semifinals.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
6 September 2017
The depth and versatility of Chicago's midfield are unparalleled, but how will Rory Dames make the pieces work?
Daniel Bartel-ISI Photos
24 August 2017
Chicago's built a consistent contender, but a steady approach may be keeping Rory Dames' team from getting over the top.
Press Association
8 August 2017
Sometimes, you have to dream a little. Budgets are tight in NWSL, but these players would be welcome additions.


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