Bright like a diamond: Highlights from the first week of MLS coaching fashion

Ron Chenoy - USA TODAY

Major League Soccer is back, and with it a new year of critiquing coaching fashion faux pas

MLS walked its own red carpet this season, warming up the regular season lights to bring in its 22nd season. The 11 games have left us with much to talk about, but the chatter hasn't been all about what's on the field. 

Here, we go in-depth on a subject that never gets enough coverage: the fashion sense of Major League Soccer coaches. While the subject tends to dwell in the subjective, with preferences usually overriding any broad conclusions, over the first week o the MLS calendar, there were some undeniable truths.

Bests, worsts ... surprises? Without further ado, here are the highlights from MLS' Week 1 fashion show:


Patrick Vieira and Pablo Mastroeni: Team cardigan

The cardigan is a much harder to pull off than it seems. Nail it, and you’ve probably got yourself a spot on GQ cover. Blow it, and, well ... sorry, poindexter. Patrick Vieira and Pablo Mastroeni struck cardigan gold on opening weekend. Bonus points to Vieira for going with the look on a sunny, nearly 70-degree day in Orlando. The man stays cool under pressure.

Patrick Vieira - Reinhold Matay - USA TODAY Sports

Reinhold Matay - USA TODAY Sports

Pablo Mastroeni - Ron Chenoy - USA TODAY Sports

Ron Chenoy - USA TODAY Sports

Oscar Pareja

The all-black look will never not be great, and it could be the true reason why Dallas is turning Texan children into soccer saviors. The keep-it-simple, keep-it-classy approach of Oscar Pareja is why FCD may be MLS' best.

Oscar Pareja - Mark J Rebilas - USA TODAY Sports

Mark J Rebilas - USA TODAY Sports

Curt Onalfo

Very breezy and “California,” but polished and professional. Yes, he definitely has the soccer coach look, but we’re thinking he's also ready to coordinate back of house at his oceanview restaurant. Classic, yet versatile.

Curt Onalfo - Mark J Rebilas - USA TODAY Sports

Mark J Rebilas - USA TODAY Sports


Cassar’s turtleneck

Is that Jeff Cassar in a cream turtleneck?!? Or is it Liev Schreiber on an off-day in Utah, taking advantage of the mountains and a cameo with RSL? You're both beautiful men, but handsome only goes so far. Keep this look on the slopes, not the sidelines.

Jeff Cassar - Jeff Swinger - USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Swinger - USA TODAY Sports

Wilmer’s tie

He’s back coaching in the show, and with MLS growing from Natty Light league to craft cocktail circuit, the fashion bar is higher. Ostrich tie comes nowhere close to that bar.

Wilmer Cabrera - Troy Taormina - USA TODAY Sports

Troy Taormina - USA TODAY Sports

Pauno’s track pants

We get it, Pauno. You want to be comfortable at work. Who doesn’t? But when you look young enough to still play, it's even more important that you dress the part. Just look West to Colorado. You could become the Serbian version of Pablo Mastroeni. You have the facial hair to pull it off.

Veljko Paunovic - Greg Bartram - USA TODAY Sports

Greg Bartram - USA TODAY Sports

Upset alert

Ben Olsen

Long one of MLS' champions of sideline fashion, Ben Olsen stayed the course on Saturday, but he still had a potential winner in the arsenal. Unfortunately, that Man of the Match sweater was kept on the bench but some overzealous cover. Bring the warm weather! Let Benny express himself.

Ben Olsen - Brad Mills - USA TODAY Sports

Brad Mills - USA TODAY Sports

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