The Cult of FIFA: Inside the world of professional gaming

FIFA Interactive World Cup

FourFourTwo follows three competitors at the 2017 FIFA Interactive World Cup, where tears, glory and riches are all at the touch of a button

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It’s raced from gamers in an old gymnasium competing for the grand prize of a headset to a multi-day tournament with spectators, referees and the winner claiming $200,000.

The FIFA Interactive World Cup is a symbol of the eSports explosion – and with the 2017 Grand Final taking place in London, FourFourTwo Films was on hand to capture action.

Following the path of three gamers – two from the UK and one Ajax-representing Dutchman who aims to “kill the opponent” – FourFourTwo saw the the emotion and intensity up close.

With life-changing money up for grabs (top eSports players can earn over a million dollars a year), it’s understandable why each individual is so invested in a 20-minute game of FIFA. It also explains why gamers have coaches to scout opponents, and how tournament refs are on hand to maintain order (time wasting is a thing, you know).

But what’s the appeal of watching someone else play a game of FIFA? And what does it take to get to the very top of this highly competitive world?

Hit play on the below to get the inside story of this booming phenomenon. 

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