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FourFourTwo USA's 50 Best American Men's Players of 2017

One thing is for sure: These rankings look a lot different than our 2016 rankings.

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There is no getting around how terrible a year 2017 was for the United States men's national team. The U.S. men failed to reach the World Cup for the first time since the 1986 tournament, prompting an inquisition of all things American soccer.

Answers to those problems will take months and possibly years to fully discover. For the here and now, we're looking at the 50 best players in the U.S. men's national team pool.

The failures of the U.S. senior team at the international level in 2017 made this a particularly interesting task. As we did with our ranking of the 50 Best American Women of 2017, we examined form for both club and country. So, while some players might not have necessarily thrived in the U.S. shirt in 2017, they could have simiultaneously been spectacular for their respective clubs. 

Our panel of experts voted, debated and ultimately decided this list. Check back for updates: