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FourFourTwo's 31 most powerful people in soccer in the United States

We're counting down the people shaping the game right now in the United States. Do you agree?

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Every day, we at FourFourTwo speak with those in and around soccer in the United States. We aim to cover all corners of the game here, from the U.S. men’s and women’s national teams, to MLS, NWSL, NASL and USL, to the youth game and what’s going on off the field.

The diversity of the people we speak with got us thinking about who influences soccer here, and who holds the power to shape the sport’s future. Who are the gatekeepers of soccer in the United States?

In most cases, money is power; that’s reflected in our list. We concluded that those in control of money – as well as message – ultimately have their hands on influencing the most areas of the game.

But in our increasingly complicated political climate, message and medium are powerful, too, and you’ll see that reflected throughout our countdown of the 31 most powerful people in U.S. Soccer.

Why 31, you ask? We thought you’d be wondering. Why not? We don’t believe every single list should be confined to 25 or 50. Round numbers are nice, and we often use them (see here and here and here), but they are also arbitrary. So click below to go through our 31 most powerful people in U.S. soccer (that’s lowercase “s”), and some of the conclusions we drew around the list.

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First, some background: The voting panel for this consisted of our FourFourTwo USA staff and regulars: Jeff Kassouf, Richard Farley, Paul Tenorio, Scott French, Steve Davis and Graham Parker. You’re bound to find names on our list who might surprise you, as well as missing names who you feel should be on the list. That’s cool – opinions make the world go ‘round. We went through a long series of debates (IT is still helping us clear space in our inboxes) and voting on this, so we’ve certainly hit the books. Nevertheless, we encourage you to tweet us @FourFourTwoUSA or hit us up on Facebook or Snapchat (fourfourtwouk) to let us know how you feel.

On with the show…

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