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MAN v FAT Football: where the biggest losers are the ultimate winners

Traditional diet plans don’t always work for men. Often, they can feel overly restrictive, boring and drain your lust for life. But it doesn’t have to be that way – as ever, football is here to rescue you from your woe. 

MAN v FAT Football on…

MAN v FAT Football know the deal: it’s why they set up their ingenious football leagues for blokes like you who simply want to lose weight, bringing together like-minded individuals focused on achieving the same goal. There’s no catch, and no strings: just a fine alternative for men looking to start their weight-loss journey, supported by nutrition and diet advice to help them hit their targets. Wouldn’t it be nice to reach the top of the stairs without keeling over in a wheezing heap? 

Over 20,000 men have already used MAN v FAT Football to slim down. There are currently over 4,200 active players having a kickabout in 70+ leagues across the UK, so there’s a good chance you’ll find one near you. 

In an assessed 14-week pilot scheme run by Solihull Council, players lost 22lbs on average, with 62% hitting their 5% body weight target. The maximum weight lost by one player was 67lbs, while the maximum bodyweight percentage lost was 26%. 90% of players lose weight.

By following their programme, MAN v FAT Football vow to get you fitter and healthier within those 14 weeks. Games are supported by a full fixture list, but winning matches on the pitch isn’t what matters most – instead, players can also score weight-loss ‘bonus goals’ for their teams; that is, for every two men who shed pounds, they get an extra goal to contribute to their on-pitch result. Three cheers for the losers, indeed. 

MAN v FAT Football isn’t about football ability; it’s about coming together and pulling each other through for a common cause. And like most things, it’s easier to do it with others. Stats say that 80% of players sign up individually, so there’s no need to be part of a team when you join either.

Like what you hear? Head to for case studies of inspiring stories, and for more information on kick-starting your weight-loss journey using the game you love. Add in the code FOURFOURTWO to get £5 off your registration fee!