Mascot Madness Bracket: Choose North America's best

It's that time of year: March Madness! Here's our Mascot Bracket

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We know all (most? some? ...none?) of the match ups this year for the NCAA basketball tournaments, but do you know the match ups for this year's ever-so-important North American Soccer Mascot bracket?

We've got news for you: this is the hardest-hitting, most intense bracket to be found. Choose who/what the winner of our mascot tournament will be (found below): From Liga MX teams to an NWSL hard-hitter and some MLS mainstays to indoor soccer mascots, your choice will change the winner's future (at least in our eyes).

Here are the pivotal dates to know:

Round of 16: March 14 (2pm EST) - March 15 (2pm EST)

Quarterfinals: March 15 (5pm EST) - March 16 (2pm EST)

Semifinals: March 16 (5pm EST) - March 17 (11am EST)

Finals: March 17 (2pm EST) - March 18 (2pm EST)

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