Must. Have. Soccer ball! The worst crests in North America

You saw our list of the best crests. Now here come the worst...

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13. Boise Cutthroats

This is reel good. But on the flip side, the crest has symmetrical fish with bleeding necks (hence the cutthroats?). Yikes.

12. Harrisburg City Islanders

You want to watch City Islanders soccer while sitting under a palm tree? Well, you can't because they play in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where palm trees are no indigenous. (We get it: They play on City Island. Just ... no.)

11. Monarcas Morelia

What, you're saying you don't want to play for the McDonald's Liga MX team?!

10. Washington Spirit

The red, white, and blue of the Washington Spirit's logo is very cliche and D.C.-oriented, but wait! There's a hint of a talon on the starred soccer ball in the middle. There's just a lot going on, really. (Also, this was an upgrade from the original version!)

9. San Jose Earthquakes

The most recent rebrand of this of one of MLS' original teams came with eye-roll-inducing marketing jargon which explained why there's a soccer ball, and tried to convince us that a line was an axis "pushing us forward into a limitless future." OK.

8. Des Moines Menace

Pro: one of the best attended teams in the PDL; con: the logo.

7. FC Kansas City

FC Kansas City, despite being two-time NWSL champions, is not champion of logos with this looking like a used car blow-up windy person. And, as with the Spirit, this is actually better than the logo the team had when it first launched.

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