Must. Have. Soccer ball! The worst crests in North America

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6. Ocean City Nor'easters

The Northeast and mid-Atlantic is having a hell of a time on this worst list. It's very ... pedestrian. Your name is the Nor'easters, so whip us into a frenzy.

5. Buxmont Torch

Ah, we get it: the soccer ball is the "torch." Good idea from the Buxmont Torch, but the execution just isn't there.

4. FC Edmonton

Another day, another soccer crest has to be made ... or so it seems with the lack of imagination that is found in the crest of the NASL's FC Edmonton. At the very least, there is a maple leaf peeking from the background.

3. Boston Breakers

Photoshop exists nowadays, but this looks like the clip-art generation. You're breakin' our hearts, Boston.

2. Midland-Odessa FC

Midland-Odessa FC's logo is very loud in the way that it's the Texas flag in a star and a crest just sitting behind it. But it's also quite plain and bland and ... sorry, we fell asleep there. It's a worse version of North Carolina FC's crest. This was a 2017 NPSL finalist, by the way.

1. New England Revolution

Aye yi yi. New England. The Revs are the only original MLS team to not have had a rebrand or refresh since the league kicked off in 1996, and you can tell. It's the American flag but it's not that creative, even for a 1996-era logo.

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