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Name your club's best goal ever

In a forthcoming FourFourTwo we'll be celebrating goals, goals, goals. In a special issue fronted by a world exclusive interview with Lionel Messi, we'll be celebrating the finest goals and goalscorers our game has ever produced.

And we want your help. We want to name and describe the best goal ever scored by each of the 92 English League and 12 SPL clubs. So which of your team's finest moments deserves description?

Your submissions are welcomed via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (especially the latter two, where you've more room to wax lyrical); we'll include the best comments in the magazine. Links to videos are also very much appreciated: we anticipate some very pleasant viewing. It's a dirty job, etc.

So, tell us your club's finest goals. Not the most important ones â as misty-eyed as Chelsea fans may get over Didier Drogba's Champions League-winning penalty, it's hardly showreel stuff. We want your long-range wallops, intricate team moves and startlingly violent volleys.

As an extra incentive, in the issue we'll be naming the Greatest Goals Ever. Will your lot make the cut? Tell us why they should, via email, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Go(al)! (use subject "Best Goal" and name your club)
Twitter@FourFourTwo using hashtag #ourbestgoal