Quiz! Can you name the 41 people to have played AND managed in the Premier League?

Just one dream job wasn’t enough for these 41 multitaskers, who have been both players and full-time managers in the Premier League

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As the all-singing, all-dancing Premier League relaunch occurred way back in 1992/93, it’s no surprise that plenty who’ve played over the last 20+ years have also shown up again in the dugout. In fact, some of these Roy of the Rovers-type heroes actually played and managed at the same time.

The vast majority, however, went away and came back a bit older and (hopefully) wiser to take up management. Not that it went brilliantly for all of them. Just by reaching the Premier League, a player has achieved at a high level – well, mostly – but that doesn’t guarantee success in management, as this quiz shows.

One important note: we’ve included ‘interim managers’ (those who took the job but on a short-term basis) but not caretakers (who just stepped in but were never the real boss), which seems fair.

Now, 12 minutes are on the clock and each individual's played for and managed Premier League club(s) are below. Let us know how you do @FourFourTwoUSA – we’ll retweet the best efforts, if you don't give answers away. Please challenge some friends while you’re at it. Ta!

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