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Quiz! Can you name Lionel Messi's 20 most frequent teammates and opponents?

Lionel Messi
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10 minutes on the clock, 91 clubs to guess.

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21 years since he first touched down in Catalonia, Lionel Messi is on the verge of hopping across the border and playing for PSG.

"End of an era" doesn't quite do justice to the magnitude of a moment that very few of us saw coming. Perhaps Leo himself didn't actually think that one day, he'd clearing his locker out at the Camp Nou, ready to play for another top European side.

He's defined football in the past decade and a half. And there have been plenty of top names who have defined it with him - either alongside the GOAT or in opposition.

Since a new dawn is upon us, let's look back over the career of a legend. Can you tell us who he played with and against?


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