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FourFourTwo's top 25 players in U.S. women's national team history

It’s time! We’ve taken our crack at counting down the 25 best United States women’s national team players in history. Agree? Disagree? Click through to find out our list…

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Every year, FourFourTwo counts down the 100 greatest players in the world at the moment. Later this year, FourFourTwo USA wil do the same for the top current American players.

But first, we count down the all-time greats. We did so earlier this year for the 25 best U.S. men’s players ever. And now, on the eve of the 20th anniversary of women’s soccer at the Olympics, we’re counting down the 25 best players in U.S. women’s national team history. It’s a fitting time to look back at the achievements of the top U.S. women, with the Americans having won four of the five Olympic gold medals in the sport.

You can follow along throughout the week as we reveal our choices, and let us know if you agree by tweeting us @FourFourTwoUSA with #USWNT25 and on our Facebook page.

Just like the men’s list, all of our voters submitted their 1-25 lists, and then we added up the points (25 points for No. 1, 24 for No. 2, etc.) and had a look at the list to make sure nothing gnarly happened. With eight voters, we dropped the highest and lowest votes for each player to balance outliers, which didn’t change any one player’s position by more than one place.

That brought us to our list, which spans all generations of the U.S. women’s national team. Several current players made the 25 as they continue to cement their legacies alongside legends of yesteryear. And while our No. 1 pick wasn’t unanimous, there was a clear consensus. You’ll have to wait to find that one out…

Our voters are among the most knowledgeable U.S. women’s national team reporters out there. They are: Jeff Kassouf (FourFourTwo USA editor), Richard Farley (FFT USA West Coast editor), Scott French (FFT USA staff writer), Paul Tenorio (FFT USA staff writer), Beau Dure (contributor), Jen Cooper (contributor), Tim Nash (contributor), Dan Lauletta (contributor).

Alright, enough explaining. Here we go…

The list