VOTE! The best crests of U.S. Open Cup 2017's first round

The U.S. Open Cup is upon us.

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Now that the U.S. Open Cup is here, we wanted to help you figure out who to root for.

And what better way to choose a random team than by the best/worst/most ridiculous crests!

We scoured through the first-round match-ups and decided upon some of the crests that we think you'll like (or "like") the most. From Anahuac FC, an amateur team from Nevada whose original iteration was founded in 1966 in Oxnard (for more information, check out the team's history), to FC Motown, who must take its job seriously in bamboozling people into thinking the club is based in Detroit. Surprise! FC Motown is a semi-pro team from New Jersey. We've been fooled, everyone.

And obviously, we can't look over Tartan Devils FC. The Pittsburgh team, formed in 2008, may have the most confusing crest we've ever seen. Combining a devil who appears to be pregnant with a soccer ball all the while flapping its devil wings to highlight the plaid (what we think is) felt. That's a true gift to the footballing world.

Now that you have some more info on a few of the crests, it is YOUR time to VOTE! Which is your favorite crest among the teams in the first round?