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What is the average Women's Super League attendance?

The average Women's Super League attendance is 1000
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Whilst fans packing into stadiums has pushed the Women's Super League attendance record close to 40,000, the average Women's Super League attendance is around 1000.

It might have been a while since fans were in grounds but the recent return of the Women's Super League has seen clubs welcome back supporters to grounds. There is often a lot of focus on maximum Women's Super League attendances, with clubs doing everything from giving away free tickets to playing back to back games to encourage fans to come and support their women's sides. 

Yet average Women's Super League attendance tells us a lot more about the regular match going fan than these big one-off fixtures do, and there is quite a varied picture across the league.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest clubs in the league get the highest average attendances. Chelsea are by and away the most popular club when it comes to regular attendees with an average of 3000 turning out at Kingsmeadow during the season. Arsenal and Manchester City are also very popular with around 1500 and 2000 respectively attending games. When these three sides play each other, average attendances swell to around 4000.

Smaller clubs in the WSL do not tend to do quite as well on the gate. Most of the teams outside of the top three attract between 500 and 1000, although clubs are always working to try and encourage new fans. Moves by clubs like Reading and Birmingham to hold their games in bigger, more familiar stadiums have been done in order to try and attract more regular fans.

It is not yet clear how these average numbers will have been affected by COVID-19, with teams having only played one home game so far this season. Clubs will be hoping that the eagerness to return to live football will see new converts coming through the turnstiles, and average attendances growing as the season progresses.